CASC 2003: Accepted Papers
all Authors Titel Int. Nr.
Hirokazu Anai and Pablo A. Parrilo Convex Quantifier Elimination for Semidefinite Programming 29
Alexander B. Aranson Computation of Collections of Correlated Faces for Several Polyhedrons 23
Thomas Bayer Computing the Stratification of Actions of Compact Lie-Groups 24
Yuri A. Blinkov, Carlos F. Cid, Vladimir P. Gerdt, Wilhelm Plesken, and Daniel Robertz The Maple Package "Janet": I. Polynomial Systems 8
Yuri A. Blinkov, Carlos F. Cid, Vladimir P. Gerdt, Wilhelm Plesken, and Daniel Robertz The Maple Package "Janet": II. Linear Partial Differential Equations 9
L.M. Camacho, J.R. Gomez, and A.J. Gonzales Low Dimensional Naturally Graded No $p$-filiform Lie Algebras 2
Carlo Cattani and Alexander N. Prokopenya On the Stability of  Exact Symmetrical Solutions in the Many-Body Problem 39
Victor F. Edneral Periodic Solutions of a Cubic ODE System 37
Ioannis Z. Emiris and Victor Y. Pan Improved Computation of Derminants and Resultants 27
R. Esquivel-Sirvent and P.M. O'Leary Symbolic Computation Applied to Surface Waves in Layered Elastic Media 5
S. Fritzsche Computer-Algebraic Techniques for Many-particle Physics 35
V.G.Ganzha, D. Chibisov, E.V. Vorozhtsov Object Oriented Modelling in Numerical Computation: Multigrid Calculations using Maple 36
Vladimir Gerdt, Denis Yanovich and Miloslav Znojil On Exact Solvability of Anharmonic Oscillators in Large Dimensions 40
An.A. Gonchar, E.A. Grebenikov Analytical Representations of Coordinates of Equilibrium Points in the Restricted Circular Many-Body Problem 12
Laureano Gonzalez-Vega and Ioana Necula, Jaime Puig-Pey Solving Intersection Problems With 3D Implicit Surfaces By Using Differential Equation Solving and Algebraic Techniques 28
E.A. Grebenikov, E.V. Ikhsanov, N.I.Zemtsova Linear Stability of Stationary Solutions of the Ring-Shaped Newton Ten-Body Problem 3
Alexander Gusev, Yuri Ukolov, Nikolai Chekanov, Vitaly Rostovtsev, Yoshio Uwano and Sergue Vinitsky The Program LINA  for Normalization of
Polynomial Hamiltonians
Valentin Irtegov and Tatyana Titorenko On Modeling and Qualitative Investigation of Nonlinear Systems with the Aid of Computer Algebra 11
Maki Iwami Analytic Factorization of Multivariate Polynomial 21
Vladimir V. Kornyak Modular Algorithm for Computing Cohomology: Lie Superalgebra of Special Vector Fields on $(2|2)$-dimensional  Odd Symplectic Superspace 18
Ilias S.Kotsireas, Edmond Lau and Richard Voino Implicitization of Polynomial Surfaces 41
Luis M. Laita, Beatriz Lopez-Bravo, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Luis de Ledesma, Victor Maojo, Laura Laita A Computer Algebra Based Knowledge System for Diagnosis and Treatment of Migraine 1
Michal Mnuk The Computer Algebra Web 32
R.G. Moukharliamov Modeling of Mechanical Systems and Inverse Problems of Differential Equations 34
Kosaku Nagasaka Neighborhood Irreducibility Testing of Multivariate Polynomials 22
Haydar Kh. Ruzimuradov and Ulugbek H. Narzullaev Computing of Minimum of  Decomposable Fourth-Degree Form 33
E. Rykhlinskaya and S. Fritzsche Computer Algebraic Tools for Studying the Symmetry Properties of Molecules and Clusters 7
Yosuke Sato, Akira Suzuki, Katsusuke Nabeshima ACGB on Varieties 14
Hiroyuki Sawada Automatic Generation of Ranking of Variables for Efficient Computation of Gr\"obner Bases in Engineering Applications 6
Andreas Seidl, Thomas Sturm Boolean Quantification in a First-Order Context 26
Werner M. Seiler and Andreas Weber Deciding Ellipticity By Quantifier Elimination 19
Akhmadjon Soleev Newton Polyhedra and the Generalized Henon--Heiles System 4
Akira Terui Subresultants in Recursive Polynomial Remainder Sequence 17
Peter Ullrich An Extension of the Extension Theorem 25
Yoshio Uwano The Inverse Birkhoff-Gustavson Normalization of Non-Integrable Perturbed Harmonic Oscillators with Cubic Polynomial Potentials: A New Application of the Program ANFER 10
Nikolay Vasiliev Monomial Orderings, Young Diagrams and Gr\"obner Bases 38
Volker Weispfenning Gr\"obner Bases for Inexact Input Data 20
Serguey Zemskov and Alexander Kouleshoff General Solution of Hyperbolic Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients 31