Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
CASC 2009
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Accepted Papers
Vyacheslav Tsybulin, Andrew Nemtsev and Bülent Karasozen Vyacheslav Tsybulin, Andrew Nemtsev and Bülent Karasozen Vyacheslav Tsybulin, Andrew Nemtsev and Bülent Karasozen
New Analytic Solutions of the Problem of Gas Flow in a Casing with Rotating Disc
Evgenii Vorozhtsov
Symbolic-Numerical Algorithms for Solving  Parabolic Quantum Well Problem with Hydrogen-Like Impurity
Sergue Vinitsky, Vladimir Gerdt, Alexander Gusev, Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar and Vitaly Rostovtsev
A Symbolic Framework for Operations on Linear Boundary Problems
Markus Rosenkranz, Georg Regensburger, Loredana Tec and Bruno Buchberger
On m-Interlacing Solutions of Linear Difference Equations
S. A. Abramov, M. A. Barkatou and D.E. Khmelnov
Computing and Visualizing Closure Objects using Relation Algebra and RelView
Rudolf Berghammer and Bernd Brassel
Multiple Factorizations of Bivariate Linear Partial Differential Operators
Ekaterina Shemyakova
Conditions of D-Stability of fifth-order Matrices
Larisa Burlakova
Hybrid Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
Maha Youssef and Gerd Baumann
On Invariant Manifolds of Dynamical Systems in Lie Algebras
Valentine Irtegov and Tatiana Titorenko
On computing the Hermite form of a matrix of  differential polynomials
Mark Giesbrecht and Myung Sub Kim
Involution and Difference Schemes for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Vladimir Gerdt and Yuri Blinkov
Lazy and Forgetful Polynomial Arithmetic and Applications
Michael Monagan and Paul Vrbik
Code generation for polynomial multiplication
Ling Ding and Eric Schost
Effective Quantifier Elimination for Presburger Arithmetic with Infinity
Thomas Sturm and Aless Lasaruk
Algebraic approach to the computation of the defining polynomial of the algebraic Riccati equation
Takuya Kitamoto
Modular algorithms for computing a generating set of the syzygy module
Masayuki Noro
A Mathematica Package for Simulation of Quantum Computation
Vladimir Gerdt, Robert Kragler and Alexander Prokopenya
A mimetic finite-difference scheme for convection of multicomponent fluid in a porous medium
Vyacheslav Tsybulin, Andrew Nemtsev and Bülent Karasozen
Parametric analysis of stability conditions for a satellite with gyrodines
Andrey Banshchikov
Computing Groebner Bases within Linear Algebra
Akira Suzuki
On Integrability of a Planar ODE System near a Degenerate Stationary Point
Alexander Bruno and Victor Edneral
An algorithm for  symbolic solving of differential equations and  estimation of accuracy
Natasha Malaschonok
Discrete Dynamics: Gauge Invariance and Quantization
Vladimir Kornyak
A Study on Gröbner Basis with Inexact Input
Study on Gröbner Basis with Inexact Input
Kosaku Nagasaka
On the Average Growth Rate of Random Compositions of Fibonacci and Padovan Recurrences
Aleksandr Mylläri and Nikita Gogin
On the Complexity of Reliable Root Approximation
Michael Kerber
The comparison method of physical quantity dimensionalities
Alexander Flegontov and Mariya Marusina
On the Computation of Comprehensive Boolean Groebner Bases
Shutaro Inoue
Mathematical Model for Dengue Epidemics with Differential Susceptibility and Asymptomatic Patients using Computer Algebra
Clarita Saldarriaga