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Steklov Institute St. Petersburg Technische Universität München State University St. Petersburg

Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 1: Complexity Analysis of String Algorithms

St. Petersburg - Sunday, March 28 through Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Group Picture

Each participant prepared a paper on his or her topic. The complete work can be downloaded as Postscript PS or PDF PDF.


Olga Sergeeva Name: Olga Sergeeva

Topic: Data Structures for Pattern Matching.
Robert West Name: Robert West

Topic: Sub-linear Approximate String Matching.
Alexander Vakhitov Name: Alexander Vakhitov

Topic: Approximate Text Indexing.
Fabian Pache Name: Fabian Pache

Topic: Compressed Suffix Arrays.
Ivan Kazmenko Name: Ivan Kazmenko

Topic: Asymptotic Properties of Suffix Trees.
Name: Tobias Reichl

Topic: Sequential Pattern Matching.
Anton Nesterov Name: Anton Nesterov

Topic: Greedy Algorithms for the SCS Problem.
Roland Aydin Name: Roland Aydin

Topic: Analysis of Pattern Occurances.
Thomas Preu Name: Thomas Preu

Topic: Rice's Integrals.
Nico von Hoyningen Huene Name: Nico von Hoyningen Huene

Topic: Digital Search Trees.
Ilja Posov Name: Ilja Posov

Topic: The Mellin Transform.
Mike Lakunin Name: Mike Lakunin

Topic: Automaton Searching on Tries.
Lev Gurevich Name: Lev Gurevich Andrey Zaytsev Name: Andrey Zaytsev
Yury Lifshits Name: Yury Lifshits

Teaching Assistant
Local Organizer
Yuri Matiyasevich Name:
Prof. Dr. Yuri Matiyasevich

Course Director
School Director
Moritz Maass Name: Moritz Maaß

Teaching Assistant
Ernst W. Mayr Name:
Prof. Dr. Ernst W. Mayr

Course Director
School Director