PDMI TUM State University St. Petersburg
Steklov Institute St. Petersburg Technische Universität München State University St. Petersburg

Joint Advanced Student School (JASS)

Course 4 - Nanostructured Materials - Electronics, Optics and Devices

St. Petersburg - Sunday, March 28 through Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Group Picture


Name Presentation
Alexander Petrov Photonic crystals: theory and applications (.pdf)
Kravetka Olga Photonic Band Gaps and Holography (.ppt)
Michael Reimer Electronic Properties of Coupled Quantum Dots (.ppt)
Wolfgang Prestel Tuning eigenstate-energies of InGaAs Quantum-Dots using lateral electric fields (.ppt)
Tobias Eggert Semiconductor X-Ray Detectors (.pdf)
The Response of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Detectors (.pdf)
Alexey Galas Nonlinear Optics with Nanostructured TiO2 (.ppt)
Michael Rybin Photonic Band Gap Structures (.ppt)
Animation (.avi)
Eugene Roginskii Nanoclusters in model ferroelastics Hg2Hal2 (.ppt)
Animation (.mpg)
Max Duracz Surface polaritons in layered semiconductor structures (.ppt)
M. O. Nestoklon Interface-induced lateral anisotropy of semiconductor heterostructures (.ppt) (Also available as .pdf)