Exercises for Network Algorithms

General Information:

  • Teaching Assistant:
    Jonas Pfoh

  • Time and Place:
    Tuesdays, 13:00-15:00 in MI 00.08.059


  • 02. July 2008:
    Important! Please ignore the time change for the practice session today. I apologize and I am not sure how this went unnoticed, but please attend the lecture and we will cover this weeks homework next week.
  • 18. June 2008:
    Important! The meeting time and place for the week of June 30th will change. Instead of our normal meeting on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 in MI 00.08.059 from 13:00 to 15:00 we will instead be meeting on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 in MI 03.11.018 from 14:00 to 16:00.
  • 18. April 2008:
    The meeting time and place is now definite, so I will see you all on Tuesday.

Excercise Submission Guidelines:

For those of you who choose to submit their exercises, you may either do so by hand on the Friday of the week after the exercise is posted or you may email them to me on that same Friday. The only exception is that any programming exercises that are done must be submitted via email.

My email address is pfoh@in.tum.de
For any exercises submitted via email, please make sure the subject line reads "NA Uebung #" (without the quotation marks and having replaced the # with the current exercise number). Please make sure this is exact as it makes sorting the emails much easier on my end.

Subjects Examples:

Excercises and Solutions:

  • Übungsblatt 1 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 1 [CPP]
  • Übungsblatt 2 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 2 [PS, PDF] + [CPP]
  • Übungsblatt 3 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 3 [PS, PDF] + [CPP]
  • Übungsblatt 4 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 4 [PS, PDF] + [CPP]
  • Übungsblatt 5 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 5 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 6 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 6 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 7 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 7 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 8 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 8 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 9 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 9 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 10 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 10 [PS, PDF]