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Software Architecture in Depth Publikation auswählen
Lars Heinemann, Christian Neumann, Birgit Penzenstadler, Wassiou Sitou (eds.)
Technical Report, 2010

Revision-Date:  2010-4-26
Category:  Technical Report
Format:   PDF, gzipped
Abstract:  The quality of software architecture is one of the crucial success factors for the development of large and/or complex systems. Therefore, a good software architect plays a key role in every demanding project: She or he has the overview of the overall system and sets the framework for the implementation. In order to be successful in this task, software architects need well-founded and encompassing knowledge about design, which exceeds pure programming and specific spe- cialization areas. The master seminar ''Software Architecture in Depth'' builds on the lecture ''Software Architecture''. The master seminar aims at further deepening of impor- tant areas of the domain of software architecture. On one hand, we elaborate areas that were not explicitly considered in the lecture, as for example architecture evaluation and architecture refactoring. On the other hand, we acquire topics of current interest, as for example the REST architectural style.
Classification:  D.2.11 Software Architectures
Keywords:   Software Architecture
Version:  1.0
Length:  158 Pages