Efficient Algorithms and Datastructures I

General Information:

  • Teaching Assistant:
    Jonas Pfoh

  • Time and Place:
    Tuesdays,      12:00 - 14:00 in MI 03.11.018  AND
    Wednesdays, 12:00 - 14:00 in MI 03.11.018
    Please note that each week we will cover the same subject matter in both sessions, it is not necessary to come to both (though if you wish to, you are more than welcome).


  • 08. Dec. 2008:
    Please review the updated solutions for exercise 5, the solution for question 5 was admittedly a bit sloppy and I had a lot of questions regarding it. Hopefully the new solution is a bit clearer.
  • 11. Nov. 2008:
    Our exercise session is canceled today due to the SVV assembly. I apologize for the extremely short notice, but I myself was not aware of this until this morning and university policy dictates that all classes be canceled to give you a chance to attend the assembly.
  • 4. Nov. 2008:
    I retract my previous update. I apologize for any inconvenience. I have reverted the execise sheet to its original form.
  • 4. Nov. 2008:
    Please note the updated exercise sheet, I made a small change to the time function for the amortized analysis of the Radix Heap run-times.
  • 27. Oct. 2008:
    One of your classmates has brought to my attention that our Wednesday session conflicts with the FVV session. For this reason, I will not be holding the Wednesday (29.10.2008) session. For those interested in coming this week, make sure you attend the Tuesday session.
  • 27. Oct. 2008:
    Please note the update to the "Exercise Submission Guidelines" section of this site as I have made an update as to which formats will be accepted in email-submissions.
  • 14. Oct. 2008:
    Welcome to all. I look forward to an interesting and hopefully challenging semester. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call, email, or stop by any time (all my information can be found by following this link). I will post the first exercise on Friday (17.10.08) and we will go over it on the week of 27.10. We will have our first Übungsgruppe meeting next week (week of 20.10) and since we won't have any exercises to go over I expect it to be a shorter session where I will simply go over introductory things and field any questions you may have. Once again, I look forward to working with you all!

Exercise Submission Guidelines:

For those of you who choose to submit their exercises, you must do so by the Friday following the posting of the exercise. You may submit your exercises in one of three ways:
  1. By Hand (My office is MI 03.09.061)
  2. Homework Folder (There is a folder marked "Uebung EAD" across from MI 03.009.052, you may leave your execise there)
  3. Per Email (see details below)
The only exception is that any programming exercises that are done must be submitted via email.

My email address is pfoh@in.tum.de
For any exercises submitted via email, please make sure the subject line reads "EAD Uebung #" (without the quotation marks and having replaced the # with the current exercise number). Please make sure this is exact as it makes sorting the emails much easier on my end. Also, please make sure your name appears on the homework itself (not just in the email).

A final note, please make sure that any and all emailed homeworks are in the one of the following formats: *.doc, *.txt, *.pdf, *.ps. You may either properly scan in handwritten pages or you may send computer generated files (eg. MS Word, Latex, etc). Finally, please send exactly one file per assigment (unless you are sending code).

Exercises and Solutions:

  • Übungsblatt 1 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 1 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 2 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 2 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 3 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 3 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 4 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 4 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 5 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 5 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 6 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 6 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 7 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 7 [PS, PDF]
  • Midterm [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 8 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 8 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 9 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 9 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 10 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 10 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 11 [PS, PDF] - Lösungsvorschlag 11 [PS, PDF]
  • Übungsblatt 12 [PS, PDF]
  • Final [PS, PDF]