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Currently, I work as the System Archiect at MapCase GmbH , Mainz, Germany.

I successfully completed my doctorate in Informatik at Computer Science Department of Technical University Munich. I finished it with Magna Cum Laude, under the guidance of Prof. Ernst W Mayr, at the Chair for Efficient Algorithms.

Main focus of my thesis was "Counting in the Jacobian of (genus 2) hyperelliptic curves".

You can download my Thesis if you wish.

In the thesis one could see how we employed the new developments in group order to exploit the traditionally known details of the jacobian of hyperelliptic curves. The thesis explain the faster methods we devised

I also worked on Groebner Basis and Polynomial Ideals. Even when Groebner Bases are not popular amond cryptographers, we had ideas for a method which uses GB for some cryptographic protocols.

You can download the following documents for detailed perusal.

Work: I have done, am doing.

Working on now:

  • Trusted Computing models.

  • With the security aspects of large storage devices


  • Addition in the Jacobian of Hyperelliptic Curves, Master Thesis.

  • Counting in the Jacobian of Hyperelliptic curves, PhD Thesis.

  • "Light Weight Cryptography, Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography", Talk at Bundes Sicherheits Institut (National Security Institute), Bonn, Germany. (March 2009)

  • S Sadanandan and R Mahalingam, "Light Weight Cryptography and Applications", CISSE 2007, Bridgeport, December 2007. http://www.springerlink.com/content/r65j94521j755nm3/

  • S Sadanandan, "Process Tracing using ptrace - Part I, II and III",
    Linux Gazette
    : Issues 81, 83 and 85, 2002/03.

  • S Sadanandan and P Deepak, "GCC-Inline-Howto", Linux Howtos (2002)

  • S Sadanandan, "Valgrind Howto", Linux Howtos (2003)

Random Writings

I also maintain a few blogs. Feel free to visit them and do give valuable feedback.

Contact Information

Dr. Sandeep Sadanandan
MapCase GmbH
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65760 Eschborn

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Email: sadanand [at] in.tum.de
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