Pictures and Videos of WG 2015



Opening Addresses

TUM SVP Hans Pongratz (PDF) IN Dean H.-J. Bungartz
Paulusma Zaks Niedermeier

Invited Talk: Daniël Paulusma

"Open Problems on Graph Coloring for Special Graph Classes"

Invited Talk: Shmuel Zaks

"On the Complexity of Approximation and On-line Scheduling Problems with Applications to Optical Networks"

Invited Talk: Rolf Niedermeier

"Parameterized Algorithmics for Graph Modification Problems: On Interactions with Heuristics"

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Session 1: Computational Complexity I
Bliem Mackenzie      
Bernhard Bliem Simon Mackenzie      
Session 2: Design and Analysis
Dragan Nutov Sau    
Feodor Dragan Zeev Nutov Ignasi Sau    
Session 3: Computational Geometry
Kobourov Montecchiani Keszegh  
Stephen G. Kobourov Fabrizio Montecchiani Balázs Keszegh Dömötör Pálvölgyi  
Session 4: Structural Graph Theory I
Otachi Oliveira Stavropoulos Joos
Yota Otachi Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira Konstantinos Stavropoulos Felix Joos Kenjiro Takazawa
Session 5: Computational Complexity II
Friese Uno Crespelle    
Erik Friese Takeaki Uno Christophe Crespelle Fatima Zahra Moataz  
Session 6: Graph Drawing
Schulz Hong      
André Schulz Seok-Hee Hong      
Session 7: Fixed Parameter Tractability I
Biedl Foucaud      
Therese Biedl Florent Foucaud      
Session 8: Computational Complexity III
Kern Valla Grimm  
Walter Kern Tomáš Valla Carsten Grimm Luís Felipe Cunha  
Session 9: Structural Graph Theory II
Couto Razgon      
Fernanda Couto Igor Razgon      
Session 10: Fixed Parameter Tractability II
vanLeeuwen Jansen Schaudt  
Erik Jan van Leeuwen Bart M.P. Jansen Oliver Schaudt Pedro Montealegre